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Project Description Keywords
Fireworks, Half a Dozen Pi's, and the Fourth of July Physics, speed of sound
Pepsi Challenge Physics, statics
Spectra Program
Use WavelengthToRGB function to create a spectrum of visible light (380 to 780 nanometers) and optionally show interval markers. Point at spot on spectrum and see RGB values. Show absorption and emission spectra of hydrogen. Print spectrum or save to 24-bit BMP file. Show graph (using TChart) of R, G, B components versus wavelength. Visible light spectrum, hydrogen emission spectrum, hydrogen absorption spectrum,WavelengthToRGB function, TChart, Scanline, TRGBArray, Print BMP, StretchDIBits, OnMouseMove
N-Body Gravity Simulator Work in progress.  Lab Report not yet completed.  Source code works but is not yet complete.  

Updated 14 Jun 2009
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