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Lessons Learned from Five Years of Successful Color Machine Vision Inspection of Automotive Fuse Boxes, 

Machine Vision for Textiles etc. 

Visual Inspection of Lumber

Bibliography Color/Color Science Bibliography  

Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography

Bibliographic Search.  Literature database of the Pattern Recognition Group of the TU-Delft in the Netherlands.

Also see Journals below.

[Awcock96] Awcock, G.J. and R.Thomas, Applied Image Processing, McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1996.
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US    Related Tool Kit.
[Starck98] Starck, Jean-Luc, et al, Image and Data Analysis: The Multiscale Approach, Cambridge University Press, 1998.  Also see MR/1 web site.
[Stollnitz96] Stollnitz, Eric J., et al, Wavelets for Computer Graphics -- Theory and Applications, Morgan Kauffmann Publishers, 1996.

Library of Congress Call Numbers Related to Imaging Science by Rochester Institute of Technology.

Calibration Provide help in setting up an accurate desktop image manipulation system for digital photographic images. 

See Color Calibration/Management on efg's Color Reference Library page

Cameras and Sensors Digital Camera Designers Face a Maze of Trade-Offs

The Imaging Resource Test Suite (More than you probably wanted to know about testing digital cameras)

Cookbook CCD Camera Home Page for amateur astronomers

CCD University

CCD Sensor Technology:  Requirements and Options for the Digitization of the Illustration Collections of the National Museum of Natural History.

Chapter 23.  Image Formation and Display
The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Processing (online)

Infrared Detectors and Systems (Amazon book link)

Character representation of gray scale images 
Chromaticity.gif (2862 bytes) VisibleLight.jpg (1178 bytes) ColorMix.gif (1372 bytes)
Color Science, Color Conversion, Color Spaces and other color topics
efg's Color Reference Library


S.J. Sangwine and R.E.N. Horne (editors), The Colour Image Processing Handbook, Chapman & Hill, 1998.
Color Blindness efg's Color Reference Library
Computer Vision Also see:  Vision on efg's Color Reference Library page

Computer Vision Homepage, Carnegie Mellon University

Computer Vision and Robotics Info 

Computer Vision and Graphics Links 

Annotated Computer Vision Bibliography

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Computer Vision and Robotics Applications

CVonline by University of Edinburgh
The Evolving, Distributed, Non-Proprietary, On-Line Compendium of Computer Vision,

Vision Systems Courseware

Dictionary of Terms in Human and Animal Vision

Metrology based on Computer Vision

Machine Vision for Textiles etc. 

Visual Inspection of Lumber 

Digital Photography Digital Photography, Scanning, and Image Processing

Making fine prints in your digital darkroom from negatives or slides

Part 1:  Getting started 

Part 2:  Scanning 

Part 3:  Image editing 

Educational Resources, Universities Links to Image Process On-Line Courses/Tutorials 

Center for Image Processing in Education

Mathematical Experiences through Image Processing, University of Washington

MIT AI Lab Projects and Research Groups:  Robotics and Machine Vision 

INRIA (France) Research Projects:  Human-Computer Interaction, Image Processing, Data Management, Knowledge Systems

Publications of Carsten Steger

FAQs Edmund Industrial Optics FAQ on Electronic Imaging 

comp.dsp FAQ

Robotics FAQ FAQ, Section 3, 2D Image/Pixel Computations

Astronomical Image Processing System FAQ

Satellite Imagery FAQ 

Color FAQs
see efg's Color Reference Library

Image Physics
Image Processing, Analysis, Manipulation Application Reports

Biophotonics International


Image analySIS Magazine


Microscopy and Analysis 

Pattern Analysis and Applications

Photonics Spectra


SPIE Journals Online (Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers)

Vision Systems  Starting in early 1999 the articles can be read online (missing graphics and diagrams) a month or two after publication.  

Lighting See efg's Color Reference Library:  Illuminants or Lighting and Light Measurement
Links Computer Vision Related Links

Vision Systems Laboratory

Image Processing & Assorted Graphics Source Code and Links

Magazines See Journals above
Newsgroups alt.image.medical
Photogrammetry Introduction to Photogrammetry

IMINT 101.  Introduction to Imagery Intelligence

Primer Electronic Imaging Primer 

Video Selection Primer 

Remote Sensing

Open source remote sensing 

Prairie Dogs.  Remote Sensing Research has been involved in the study of prairie dog populations since 1994. 

Precision Agriculture and Remote Sensing 

Satellite Imagery Space Imaging is the leader in the business of providing information products derived from imagery

Federation of American Scientists:  Imagery Intelligence on the Web

Microsoft's Terraserver

Satellite Imager/Image Analysis

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
Operational Significant Event Imagery Server.

NOAA's Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES)

National Image Interpretability Rating Scales

Societies Optical Society of America includes search engine

Pattern Recognition Professional Organizations

Society for Imaging Science and Technology

Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers




An Introduction to Digital Image Processing 

Notes for University of Ulster module AC460 Image Processing

A Beginner's Guide to Bitmaps 

Digital Imaging Fundamentals (A Kodak Training Course)

Image Processing Fundamentals

Interactive Image Processing Course

Short Introduction to Image Processing

A few scanning tips

Computer and Machine Vision Course

Twain The TWAIN Working Group is a not-for-profit organization which represents the imaging industry. TWAIN’s purpose is to provide and foster a universal public standard which links applications and image acquisition devices. The ongoing mission of this organization is to continue to enhance the standard to accommodate future technologies.
Vision See:
- Computer Vision (above)
- Vision in efg's  Color Reference Library
Web-Based Image Processing Experimental setup for WWW-based image-processing. You can test various research and "just for fun"algorithms with your own or preset image, including Stereo Vision, Segmentation, Textures and Gradients and Color Separations and Histogram Manipulation.

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