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analySIS Image Analyzing Software
Astra Image PC based scientific image processing and restoration
CDibImage An MFC class framework to encapsulate Device Independent Bitmaps (DIBs) and Image Processing
  • Support for loading of DIBs from file, resource and global memory. Both DIB and Jpeg support is included.
  • Working area support including a user extensible architecture.
  • Comprehensive filter matrices including 3*3, 5*5 and 7*7.
  • User defined filter support.
  • Comprehensive undo and redo support including end user adjustment of levels and description strings.
  • Built in functions to convert between the RGB and HSL color spaces.

CREAM CREAM for Windows is an image analysis software package intended and designed for work within biology.
FMRIB Software FSL is a comprehensive library of functional and structural brain image analysis tools. 
Free Image FreeImage is an Open Source project for developers who would like to support popular graphics image formats like BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, RAS, PNM, PCX, TGA in their C++ applications for Windows. 
GNU's Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)

Windows Version:  

GRASS GRASS GIS (Geographic Resource Analysis Support System) is a Geographical Information System (GIS) with raster, topological vector, image processing, and graphics production functionality that operates in the UNIX environment through a graphical user interface and shell in X-Windows.
Igor Pro Image Analysis:  IGOR Pro includes a number of sophisticated operations for image processing and image analysis. Currently, image operators are available for particle analysis, edge detection, region of interest (ROI) masking, histogram calculation and manipulation, morphology (erosion, dilation, watershed, etc.), rotation, threshold, and transformation. 
Image Lab Image Lab version 2.0 is a software package for scientific image analysis
ImageMagick ImageMagickTM, version 4.2.9, is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in any of the more popular image formats including GIF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and Photo CD. With ImageMagick you can create GIFs dynamically making it suitable for Web applications.

ImageMagick 5.2 is available via ftp as

Other versions are available as

Magic++ is a C++ object-oriented API to ImageMagick

Image Processing and Analysis in Java
Image Processing Tool Kit By the author of The Image Processing Handbook and his son  
ImageTools Image Tools are a set of image manipulation programs based on the image tools from the San Diego Supercomputer Center. The strength of these tools is the support of many image formats, including:  bmp, bucgl, cur, eps, gif, hdf, ico, icon, iff, mpnt, pbm, pcx, pgm, pic, pict, pix, pnm, ppm, ps, ras, rgb, rla, rle, synu, tga, tiff, viff, x, xbm, xwd
ImgX for Visual Basic ImgX is an ActiveX DLL that allows you to add powerful image manipulation to your Visual Basic applications. 
Intel Image Processing Library
Java Image Processing in Java
Java Imaging Utilities JIU - The Java Imaging Utilities - An image processing library:  load, analyze, process and save pixel images. 
KUIM The KUIM image processing system was implemented at the University of Kansas to support teaching and basic image processing and computer vision research. The system consists of over 100 general purpose image analysis programs implemented in C. In addition, there are Java based graphical user interfaces for roughly 50 of these image processing programs which enable the user to adjust input parameters and see their effects on corresponding output images. The KUIM image file format and I/O libraries have been designed for ease of use and portability to a wide variety of machines (i.e. Sun, HP, Digital, Linux, Windows). 

Image Processing Toolkits

Computer Vision Source Code (look for Image Processing Toolkits)

MAGIC "My Alternate Graphics and Image Code."  Magic provides free source code for solving problems that commonly arise in computer graphics and image analysis.  Image Analysis:  Element and Image Library, Binary Images, Gray Scale Images, Image Display.
Microsoft Vision Technology including Vision SDK 1.0
morph `logik Morphological tools for Java advanced imaging 
NIH Image Home Page Image can acquire, display, edit, enhance, analyze and animate images. It reads and writes TIFF, PICT, PICS and MacPaint files, providing compatibility with many other applications, including programs for scanning, processing, editing, publishing and analyzing images. It supports many standard image processing functions, including contrast enhancement, density profiling, smoothing, sharpening, edge detection, median filtering, and spatial convolution with user defined kernels.

Image can be used to measure area, mean, centroid, perimeter, etc. of user defined regions of interest.

Pascal source code for NIH Image V1.62:

Optimas Optimas is for imaging professionals who need flexibility:  a way to easily prototype, then
automate, image processing and analysis tasks.  (commercial product)
PaintLib paintlib is a portable C++ class library for image manipulation. Images can be loaded from PNG, TGA, TIFF, JPEG, BMP, PCX and PICT files and saved in TIFF and JPEG formats. Image manipulation can be done either through filters implemented in filter classes or by directly accessing the bitmap bits. Full C++ source is provided. 
Panorama Tools Free Software to Create, Edit and Remap Panoramic Images
Pickup Image Processing System by Impuls GmbH
PiXCL and geoPiXCL  Languages and Image Processing Libraries.  Powerful image acquistion, processing and display application scripting languages and EXE builders for Win9x/NT/2000, they include
- programmable image acquisition from TWAIN scanners and digital cameras
- all the commonly used point, geometric and colour space IP functions, including up to 15x15 filters
- image histogram display and statistics export
- resampling, rotation and geometric correction
- image mosaic and transparent overlay operations
- reads and writes 15 image formats
- built-in, custom and Windows common dialogs
- support for Automation servers using COM.
- integer, floating point math and string functions
- code editor with context sensitive help, sample code, Runtime EXE builder

geoPiXCL adds geographic image options including
- multispectral signature generation from training areas
- parallelipiped and maximum likelyhood classifiers
- principal components from signatures
- Brovey transform (image merging)
- additional file format import

API's for the image processing, TWAIN, geographic imagery and language command extension libraries are available. 

Pixopedia 24 Pixopedia 24 is shareware program for digital image processing 
PMIS PMIS(r) Image Processing Software is a Windows-based PC application specifically developed to control scientific grade CCD cameras.  It also performs optimized high precision image display and analysis tasks.
Research Code and Image Processing Toolkits Carnegie Mellon's Computer Vision Software page. Very useful links.
SDC Morphology Toolbox for MATLAB
SPIP SPIP, the Scanning Probe Image Processor, is an image processing program designed with focus on characterization of SPM instruments and accurate quantification of image structures. Other instruments like interference microscopes, Profilometers and Scanning Electron Microscopes are also supported.
UTHSCSA ImageTool UTHSCSA (University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio) ImageTool (IT) is a free image processing and analysis program for Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT. IT can acquire, display, edit, analyze, process, compress, save and print gray scale and color images.IT can read and write over 22 common file formats including BMP,PCX, TIF, GIF and JPEG. Image analysis functions include dimensional (distance, angle, perimeter, area) and gray scale measurements (point, line and area histogram with statistics). ImageTool supports standard image processing functions such as contrast manipulation, sharpening, smoothing, edge detection, median filtering and spatial convolutions with user-defined convolution masks. 
VEGA VEGA -- Universal Image Processing System

The site is dedicated to a novel image processing system called "VEGA" and Project VEGA, which integrates:

  • Research in the areas of nonlinear image filtering and image restoration
  • Development of the original image processing algorithms in these areas
  • Development of the universal image processing software system VEGA utilizing the original image processing algorithms and many useful and powerful classical algorithms. 

VIPS/ip VIPS (for VASARI Image Processing Software) is an image-processing library with some cool features. ip (pronounced eye-pee) is a user-interface for VIPS. VIPS runs on any Unix system (it uses GNU autoconf) and NT. ip only runs on Unix, but we hope to have an NT version some time in 2000. There's source for a half-done NT ip included in the vips-7.6 distribution.

VIPS/ip has been used in the EU projects VASARI, MARC, VISEUM, ACOHIR and MUSA. It is also in use in a number of museums and galleries around the world for infra-red reflectogram mosaic assembly. It is distributed, with full source code, under the GPL.

VIPS/ip is a highly optimized Unix image processing package and spreadsheet-like interface with a script language. Handles color spaces and images up to 2 GB particularly well. 

VSIPL Vector Signal Image Processing Library 

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