Delphi Miscellany

Action Lists (D4) Effectively Using Action Lists,1410,27058,00.html 

Lights...Camera...Action! (Part 1)   (Part 2)

Taking Action - Using and Writing Actions and Action Lists

See ActionList1 as part of MainForm in KeyTick PC Magazine utility by Neil Rubenking
(20 March 2001, add sounds to keyboard/mouse events)

Assembly Language Considerations for writing and using Intel assembly code in Delphi projects 

BASM Code Examples

cworn's UseNet Post with TGradient class and assembly code in the GetColorBetween function

Delphi Programming & Assembly Language (DIBULTRA) 

Low-Level Delphi:  Part II:  Inline Assembler and Stack Frames 

Learning Assembler with Delphi

Netwide Assembler, a free portable assembler for the Intel 80x86 microprocessor series, which uses the traditional Intel instruction mnemonics and syntax.

NASM Meets Delphi:  Getting Started
NASM Meets Delphi:  Procedures, Functions and Parameters

Art of Assembly Language

ASM Links

Assembly Language Resources

Robert Lee's UseNet Post assembly code for changing "big endian" to "little endian":   Swap2, Swap4, Swap4Signed, SwapDoubleTo8, Swap8ToDouble

Martin Harvey's UseNet Post with WordSwap and DWordSwap

Paul Nicholls' UseNet Post about accessing a  pf16bit Scanline using BASM.
Robert Rossmair's UseNet Post about calculating the average color of a bitmap
Ken Florentino's example of using pf32bit bitmaps with assembly language.
Steve Agnew's E-Mail with Ebcdic2Ascii and Ascii2Ebcdic assembly routines.
Ernie Deel's UseNet Post with CountBits function (other variations were in newsgroup thread)
Sven Pran's UseNet Post to reverse bits in an integer

Azret's UseNet Post with assembly code for routines HasCPUID, CPUSignature, CPUType, CPUFamily, CPUModel, CPUStepping, CPUVendor

Thunking:  Calling 16-Bit Code From 32-Bit in Windows 95

MASM is included in 98SETUP.EXE:

Assembly Language, MMX

Eric Sibert's MMX avec Delphi 6 / Kylix (in French) 

Eric Sibert's MMX (2) avec Delphi 6 et Kylix (in French) 

Matthijs Laan's UseNet Post with MMX example to XOR bitmaps


Exentia is much easier to use than MMXasm:  Exentia is an open-source library for Delphi designed to perform computations on vectors of 32-bit floating point data elements using the Intel SSE, AMD 3D Now! and Intel x87 instruction sets. .  Dr. Chris Rorden created a  very basic project based on this software.  It uses QueryPerformanceCounter to measure the performance benefit for using SIMD calls.

MMX Primer 

MMX Enhanced Alpha Blending 

Macros for MMX and conditional move instructions


Alpha Blending (and MMX)

MMX Technology Code Optimization
Dr. Dobb's Journal, Sept. 1999, pp. 38-48

Assembly Language, Pentium

Assembly Resources:  How to optimize for the Pentium microprocessors

How to optimize for the Pentium microprocessors

Pentium Optimizations and Numeric Performance

Automation See
- separate MS Office Section for Office Automation

Chapter 47, Creating an Automation Server
Borland's Delphi 5 Developer's Guide.

binh's COM notes 

Introduction to Automation with Delphi

OLE Automation:  Controlling One Application With Another, Delphi Informant, Oct 1996

Automation in Delphi 3

Automating Adobe Photoshop

Automating Corel Draw

BDE BDE Alternatives
C / C++ Rudy's Delhi Corner

Using C object files in Delphi
Using C++ objects in Delphi

Coding Conventions Object Pascal Style Guide 

Delphi 4 Developer's Guide Coding Standards Document 

Code Complete gives a number of good ideas that can be applied to various computer languages:
  US  UK  DE  FR

Commnad-Line Tools "Command-Line Tools," Appendix A in Delphi in a Nutshell, pp. 473-488:
dcc32, brcc32, convert, tdump, delphi32
Compiler Directives Chapter 8 in Delphi in a Nutshell, pp. 435-472
Compiler Versions
Delphi 7, Kylix 3 VER150
Kylix 2 VER140
Delphi 6, Kylix 1 VER140
Delphi 5 VER130
C++ Builder 4 VER125
Delphi 4 VER120
C++ Builder 3 VER110
Delphi 3 VER100
C++ Builder 1 VER93
Delphi 2 VER90
Delphi 1 VER80





efg's UseNet Post about version conditionals in D7 and K3 including comment that these files were not in D6 release but are new with D7:

C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Source\Indy\
C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\Source\IntraWeb\ 

Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen's UseNet Post about "D5:   Version Conditional Compiler Directive"

Eldon Lewis comments in UseNet Post that: "You can always tell the version number by running dcc32.exe.  It will report the version number as 15.0, for example.  This tell you that you should use VER150."  Matthias Thoma responded Kylix 3 reports Version 14.5 but there is no VER145 defined.  Eldon's final answer was this:

{$IF CompilerVersion = 14.5}

Lasse Vågsæther Karlsen's Versions.INC (updated for D6 and Kylix) is quite useful for creating IFDEFs for version-sensitive code. 

Richard Fritz's UseNet Post has an interesting suggestion about how to create constants for various versions of Delphi, e.g., DELPHI123.

Compiler Versions and $IFDEFs:  Mark Hoffman's UseNet Post

Console Application

Charlie Calvert's ConBox unit in UseNet Post:   Console Application routines
Dmitriy Dubovskoy's UseNet Post about SetConsoleTextAttribute

Console Applications in Delphi

Microsoft's About Character-Mode Support 

Rick Betting's UseNet Post answering "How to get the output of a console application?"

Copyright U.S. Copyright Office
Delphi Utilities TScanUnits can be useful for parsing a ".pas", ".dpr" or ".dpk" source file to relate all declared units.   Includes sample project.   By Wellington Lima dos Santos.   TScanUnits.ZIP

The Really Useful Program for Setting Delphi Project Options 

DLLs Creating and Using DLLs (Chapter 19 in Teach Yourself Borland Delphi 4 in 21 Days) 

Delphi in a Nutshell Examples:  Font Name Wizard Trivial IDE extension that causes the TFont.Name property editor to display font names using the respective fonts. Demonstration of writing a DLL in Delphi. 


Embedded Programming Embedded Pascal Page
Free Pascal

Free Pascal Lazarus Project (Pascal for Linux)

GExperts -- Programming Power for Delphi 
History A Brief History of Pascal

UCSD p-System Museum

Borland Museum

Antique Software: Turbo Pascal version 5.5,1410,20803,00.html 

Bob Swart's UseNet Post with D1-D6 release dates

Borland/Inprise Pascal Versions 

Delphi -- 10 Years in the Making
pp. 4-7, Delphi Component Design by Danny Thorpe

Why the name "Delphi"? by Danny Thorpe,1410,20396,00.html 

"A Little History"   D1 - D5
pp. 15-18, Delphi 5 Developer's Guide by Teixeria and Pacheco

Old, Used and Out-of-Print Borland/Inprise Software 

IDE Hidden Features of the Delphi 5 IDE,1410,20624,00.html
Internet, general Internet Programming with Delphi by Marco Cantù,1410,27143,00.html 

Overbyte:  ICS - Internet Component Suite

Introduction to Indy 

Streaming images from Web Applications,1410,20378,00.html 

Web Broker Overview and Review 

IE & Delphi 

Internet, ASP Delphi and ASP:  Getting Started with Active Server Pages 
Internet, Browser

IE & Delphi 

Internet, CGI Writing a Fancy CGI hit counter in Delphi 5,1410,20201,00.html

CGI Expert Home Page

Delphi CGI Programs 

Simple CGI's in Delphi

"A Database Chart on the Web," pp. 65-67, Chapter 22 (online "bonus" chapter) of  Mastering Delphi 5 by Marco Cantù.

Picture This on the Web:  A CGI Program to Deliver Database Pictures, Delphi Informant, Feb 1998

CGI-Win:  A practical approach to remote access database

Bryan Valencia's "Choosing between CGI, WIN-CGI, and ISAPI"

Internet, E-Mail Send an E-mail from Delphi 

Internet Messaging Made Easy 

How to send e-mail and faxes from your Delphi/C++ Builder application

Indy (formerly Winshoes) 

Streaming images from Web Applications:  How to stream jpeg's, gif's, files, resource's, creating images on the fly, and setting MIME type information,1410,20378,00.html 

Internet, SOAP Simple Object Access Protocol

Introduction to SOAP 

Using SOAP with Delphi 

Pure SOAP 

Internet, WebBroker WebBroker Images 
Interrupt List by Ralf Brown
Keystrokes, IDE Column block in D4:  Hold ALT key down while selecting a block

Rudy Velthuis' UseNet Post about keystrokes to insert the set of compiler directives into a source file:   Ctrl+O,O

Ctr+Shft+R - record (and stop recording) keystrokes
Ctrl+Shft+P - plays recorded keystrokes

Ctrl+E - starts incremental search

Ctrl+K+E - makes the current word completely lowercase
Ctrl+K+F - makes the current word complete uppercase
Ctrl+O+U - inverts case in selected portion

Ctrl+Alt+E - Euro

Bryan Valencia's UseNet Post with other IDE shortcuts

Copyright symbol:  Alt-0169

Add the Implementation framework for given method.
Example:  In the public section of a TForm1 definition, enter:

procedure WMSpoolerstatus( var msg: TWMSpoolerstatus );

With the cursor somewhere in this area, enter Shift-Ctrl-C.  The following will be automatically added to the unit:

procedure TForm1.WMSpoolerstatus(var msg: TWMSpoolerstatus);


Keystrokes, Runtime Appendix D, Virtual Key Code Chart, Tomes Graphical, pp. 861-865

How to Simulate Visual Basic's SendKeys in Delphi

Sndkey32.pas is included on the Delphi installation CD (\Info\Extras\SndKey32.pas), makes it easy to simulate keyboard usage.  This unit includes two routines that simulate popular Visual Basic routines: Sendkeys and AppActivate. SendKeys takes a PChar as its first parameter and a boolean as its second, like so:

SendKeys('KeyString', Wait);

where KeyString is a string of key names and modifiers that you want to send to the current input focus and Wait is a boolean variable or value that indicates whether SendKeys should wait for each key message to be processed before proceeding. See the table below for more information.

AppActivate also takes a PChar as its only parameter, like so:


where WindowName is the name of the window that you want to make the current input focus.

SendKeys supports the Visual Basic SendKeys syntax.

Print Screen
Detecting if the PrintScreen key has been pressed, Borland FAQ 930D
Trapping the Windows system key "PrintScreen", Borland FAQ 1719D
Links about Printing and PrintScreen
Links about Capturing Bitmaps and PrintScreen

Disable PrintScreen with Ctrl + Alt combinations (WMHotKey, RegisterHotKey)
Morten Jacobsen's E-Mail with example

Peter Below's UseNet Post about how to disable the print screen key by defining it as a hotkey and then ignoring it.

How can I create a system wide keyboard hook under Win32? 

How to scroll your form with pgUp and pgDn, TI 593D
Making accelerators work with a TPageControl, TI 315D
Making the Enter key work like a Tab in a TDBGrid, TI 737D
Making your own hotkeys, TI 587D
ShortCut Keys For Delphi, TI 4549D

How do I hide my application from the Alt_Tab menu?

Virtual Keys, Standard Set
Listed after line 17950 in Delphi 5 Windows.PAS [line 17751 in Delphi 4, line 11271 in Delphi 3]
Lists the virtual key values, TI 546D

Ralph Friedman's (Team B) UseNet Post about how to capture the ESC key

ESC key cancel.  If a button on a form has the Cancel property set to TRUE (which is set automatically for a TBitBtn with Kind = bkCancel and ModalResult = mrCancel), the OnClick handler is called when the ESC key is pressed.   If the ModalResult is other than mrNone, the form will also close after the OnClick is processed.

Intercepting Keystrokes

Virtual Key Codes

How do I turn the Caps Lock or Num Lock keys on/off?

Disable alt-tab and ctrl+esc keys

PageUp/PageDown to Scroll Up/Down in TMemo in UseNet Post by Alexandru Preda

Slavisa Milojkovic's post to DelphiGames group about CM_DIALOGKEY message to trap the TAB key

Steve Koterski's UseNet Post on how to simulate a TAB
Bill Artemik's UseNet Post about "Enter as Tab"
Jason Wallace's UseNet Post "Simulating the Tab Key"
Ralph Friedman's UseNet Post "Trapping Tab/Shift Tab"
Peter Below's UseNet Post "Arrow keystroke with panels"
Peter Below's UseNet Post with PostKeyEx32 procedure to simulate key presses
Peter Below's UseNet Post with SetLockKey example of using GetAsyncKeyState
Peter Below's UseNet Post with SetLockKey example to set Caps Lock programmatically
Ian Davies' UseNet Post with SetLockKey example

Blocking CTRL+ALT+DEL in Windows 95:
// These routines are based on information from the Microsoft Knowledgebase
// article Q161133, "How to Block CTRL+ALT+DEL and ALT+TAB in Windows 95."
// Note: According to this documentation, the routines below will NOT work
// under Windows NT.

// Routine names adapted from suggestion by Geir Bratlie ( in
// 12/8/96 post to comp.lang.pascal.delphi.misc, "Re: Help - Trapping KB
// Keys"

PROCEDURE TurnSystemKeysOff;
  VAR  dummy: INTEGER;
  SystemParametersInfo(SPI_SCREENSAVERRUNNING, INTEGER(TRUE), @Dummy, 0)
END {TurnSystemKeysOff};

PROCEDURE TurnSystemKeysOn;
  VAR  dummy: INTEGER;
END {TurnSystemKeysOn};

Let's Build a Compiler by Jack Crenshaw
Microsoft Office:  Word, Excel, Access, Powerpoint Also see Automation Section above.

For Automation constants, see this directory:
C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi5\Ocx\Servers 

Word Control:  Part I,  Microsoft Word as an Automation Server 

Automating Word: Part II, Word Components in Delphi and Using OLE 

Delphi in the Office:  Writing Office 2000 Add-ins in Delphi 

In Chapter 16 of  Mastering Delphi 5 (pp. 746-750), Marco Cantù explains "Sending Data to Microsoft Word" and ""Building an Excel Table."

A PowerPoint example is in the Delphi directory under:
C:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi6\Demos\ActiveX\OleAuto\SrvComp\PowerPoint

Creating a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Viewer Using Delphi 5's ADOExpress,1410,20066,00.html

Comments by Danny Thorpe (Inprise) in JEDI Digest 82 (21 Sept 99):
"Delphi 5 includes a set of component wrappers for most of the MS Office applications.  The component wrappers use early binding (interfaces) instead of late binding (variants).  For other automatable applications, Delphi 5's Import ActiveX will now generate component wrappers for non-visual controls and automation interfaces."

"Keep in mind that Microsoft makes no claim to compatibility of automation interfaces between versions of their Office applications.  The automation method names and parameters are different for each version of Word, for example, and even between different language versions of the same product (German,
French versions of Word 7).  It's really irritating."

Automation with Delphi

Deborah Pate's UseNet Post about how to add formulas to an Excel spreadsheet

Delphi Word/Automation FAQ

HowTo:  Automate Word 97 to Perform Mail Merge from Delphi

Example of working with MS Excel 97 from Delphi

Delphi 3 and Automation with Excel

Delphi 3 and Automation with Word

How to Use Word 97 as a Report Engine (updated)

Peter Below's UseNet Post about how to close MS Word

Printing Reports Using Word

XLS Read Write is two native Delphi components, TXLSRead and  TXLSWrite designed for accessing microsoft Excel XLS files.   There is no need for any other files to be installed, including Excel.

Menno Avegaart's UseNet Post "How to create an Excel sheet directly"

procedure TFormExcelDemo.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
    Excel: variant;
    i : Integer;
    Excel := CreateOleObject('Excel.Application');
    ShowMessage('Cannot start Excel');

  FOR i := 1 TO 7 DO
    Excel.Cells[1, i].Value := i;


OLE OLE Drag and Drop Applications
Optimization High Performance Delphi 
Worked Examples 

Optimization Fundamentals 

Optimization Coding Guidelines 

Delphi 32-bits Efficiency:  Performance Optimisation

Optimizing Object Pascal in Delphi Developer

Programming Optimization

Steve Schafer's UseNet Post about WITH and optimization by version of Delphi

Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book:
Chapter 7, "Local Optimization,"
Chapter 21, "Unleashing the Pentium's V-pipe,"
Chapter 63, "Floating-Point for Real-Time 3D,"

Byte Alignment: Danny Thorpe in Delphi-JEDI Digest Number 74 (10 Sep 99):  Delphi 5's alignment padding now supports 8 byte alignment as well.   Data types 8 bytes  ... [or] ... larger will be aligned to 8 byte boundaries.

This is the source of the "mysterious" 6 to 10% performance improvement when code is recompiled with D5, even though the instruction sequences are pretty much the same as D4.

ProDelphi inserts statements into the source code. At the start and the end of a procedure the actual number of used CPU-cycles is read. At the end of the procedure it is calculated, how many CPU-cycles have been used by the procedure itself and by all called procedures. ProDelphi works like a stopwatch. 
Registry How to programmatically make your programs run on Windows startup
Software Engineering "The Best Influences on Software Engineering," IEEE Software, Jan/Feb 2000
Programming Languages "Hall of Fame:"  Fortran, Cobol, Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic

The Seven Habits of Highly Defective Developers

System Information

Serguei's UseNet Post with routines GetServerDescription and GetUserDescription, 

"System Constants," Chapter 6 in Delphi in a Nutshell, pp. 422-427
"The SysUtils Unit," Appendix B in Delphi in a Nutshell, pp. 488-542

"Snooping System Information," Delphi 5 Developer's Guide, Chapter 14, pp. 483-541, by Teixeria and Pacheco

Getting a list of active processes, pp. 514-521, Delphi Programming Problem Solver.  Neil Rubenking's Tasks32 example is very good and shows results in a TListView.  See this shorter, D5 version of getting a list of processes.

Rainer Queck's UseNet Post about "How to get the computer details" in NT

Delphi and C++ Builder 4 component for access to physical memory  on Windows NT.

Pradeep Prabhakar's UseNet Post about obtaining the number of CPUs using GetSystemInfo

Paul Toth's UseNet Post with TBIOS Record and interface for WOW32.DLL (in your Windows/System directory)

David Henningsson's UseNet Post with GetComputerName example

WinInfo. Returns following: MacAdress, BiosName, BiosVer,  BiosDate, Workgroup, ComputerName, Comment, ProductId,  ProductKey, SystemRoot, RegisteredOwner, RegisteredOrganization,  ProgramFilesDir, BootCount, CommonFilesDir, ConfigPath,   DevicePath, MediaPath, OtherDevicePath, PF_AccessoriesName,    ProgramFilesPath, SM_AccessoriesName, Version, VersionNumber,   WallPaperDir, ProductName, ProductType.

Robert Lee's UseNet Post with GetProcessorSerialNumber
Luis Ortega's UseNet Post with assembly code for CPUID
Azret's UseNet Post with assembly code for CPUID in AzCPUId unit

Le Site Web de Michel:

NT Exception Unit, Process/Resource Viewer for NT,  Performance Data Viewer for NT, NT Service, NT Computer Access Rights.

Tibetty's UseNet Post with function RegisterService

Alex V. Demin's UseNet Post explaining how to use GetVersion API call to detect the version of Windows

Displaying System Resources in Win 9x and NT 4 (TMemoryStatus), Borland TI 1582D

Interface for Microsoft Windows Performance Monitoring.  Project DELPHI Conversion Library by Marcel van Brakel. 

Hardware SWAG (Software Archive Group):  60 examples    (requires Reader)


Online Intel Documentation

Design a Windows NT Service to Exploit Special Operating System Facilities 

Windows Version Info using GetVersion Ex API call

    OSVersionInfo:  TOSVersionInfo;
    OSPlatform   :  STRING;
. . .
  OSVersionInfo.dwOSVersionInfoSize := SizeOf(OSVersionInfo);
  CASE OSVersionInfo.dwPlatformId of
    VER_PLATFORM_WIN32s	      :  OSplatform := 'Win32s under Windows 3.x';
    VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_WINDOWS:  OSplatform := 'Windows 95';
    VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT     :  OSplatform := 'Windows NT'
  Memo.Lines.Add('Major Version = ' + IntToStr(OSVersionInfo.dwMajorVersion));
  Memo.Lines.Add('Minor Version = ' + IntToStr(OSVersionInfo.dwMinorVersion));
  Memo.Lines.Add('Build Number  = ' + IntToStr(OSVersionInfo.dwBuildNumber));
  Memo.Lines.Add('Platform ID   = ' + IntToStr(OSVersionInfo.dwPlatformID));
  Memo.Lines.Add('CSDVersion    = ' + OSVersionInfo.szCSDVersion);
System Tips Delphi Informant's The Secret World of PIDLs -- Working with Windows' Shell Item Identifiers, Dec 1999

Shell Extensions in Delphi 3 

"Running Programs" (using RunFileDlg) in From the Shell:  Part I: Dialog Boxes You’ve Always Needed, Delphi Informant, April 1999

From the Shell:  Part II:  More Undocumented Shell Dialog Boxes

Writing Control Panel Applications in Delphi 

Creating Control Panel Applets with Delphi in Delphi Developer, Nov 1998

Writing to the NT Event Log -- NT Event Management Made Easy 

Using Delphi to call C functions with variable argument lists (using STDCALL calling convention)

Simulate MDI without Multiple Document Interface overhead 

Shutdown in NT in Ray Adams' UseNet Post

A Resource Monitor for Delphi

TFindComputerDialog is a component wrapper for an undocumented Windows API function.

HeadConv - C Header Converter
How to Use C DLLs with Delphi

Control Panel Applets 

Jeff Overcash's UseNet Post with IsWin98 function

Calling a Delphi DLL from your BCB Code,1410,17596,00.html 

Zoralliln's UseNet Post showing use of GetEnvironmentVariable and WinExec

Lester Hanger UseNet Post about redirecting DOS output

"From the Shell:  Dialog Boxes You've Always Needed"
Examples:  Browsing for Folders, About Windows Dialog, Formatting Disks, Choosing Icons, Run Dialog Box
Delphi Informant, April 1999, Vol. 5, No. 4, pp. 8-22
File at
Examples:  Finding Files, Finding Computers, Browsing for Files, Displaying Object Properties, Networking, Shutting Down, Out of Memory
Delphi Informant, May 1999, Vol. 5, No. 5, pp. 28-36
File at

System Tips Blocking Multiple Copies of EXE from running
Place the following in the project (.DPR) file:

  MutexHandle:  THandle;

  // Use Mutex to only allow one copy of XXXXX to be in memory at a time
  MutexHandle := 0;

    MutexHandle := CreateMutex(NIL, TRUE, 'TFormXXXXX);
      SetForegroundWindow(FindWindow('TFormXXXXX', NIL));
      CloseHandle (MutexHandle)
      Application.Title := 'XXXXX';
      Application.CreateForm(TFormXXXXX, FormXXXXX);

efg's UseNet Post with a method used by Neil Rubenking in one of his Delphi PC Magazine utilities


Chapter 8, Writing multi-threaded applications, Borland's Delphi 5 Developer's Guide.

Martin Harvey's Threads Tutorial:  Multithreading -- The Delphi Way
Chapter 1. What are threads? Why use them?
Chapter 2. Creating a thread in Delphi.
Chapter 3. Basic synchronization.
Chapter 4. Simple thread destruction.
Chapter 5. More thread destruction. Deadlock.
Chapter 6. More synchronization: Critical sections and mutexes.
Chapter 7. Mutex programming guidelines. Concurrency control.
Chapter 8. Delphi thread safe classes and Priorities.
Chapter 9. Semaphores. Data flow scheduling. The producer - consumer relationship.
Chapter 10. I/O and data flow: from blocking to asynchronous and back.
Chapter 11. Synchronizers and Events.
Chapter 12. More Win32 synchronization facilities.
Chapter 13. Using threads in conjunction with the BDE, Exceptions and DLLs.
Chapter 14. A real world problem, and its solution.

Children of Threadmare:  Sharing Progress with Users Intelligently 

Waking from Threadmare:  An Agent-based Approach to Multi-threaded Programming 

Delphi threading by example,1410,22411,00.html 

Chapter 5, Concurrent Programming, in Delphi in a Nutshell, pp. 95-126 is an excellent starting point.  Topics covered there include:  Threads and Processes, Scheduling and States, Synchronizing Threads, Exceptions, Deadlock, TThread Class, BeginThread and EndThread functions.  Examples include a simple counter, background printing, creating a memory-mapped file, entering and leaving a mutex, TServerThread class. 

According to the Delphi Developer's Guide (D4) "Graphics objects are thread-save.  You do not need to use the main VCL thread to access TFont, TPen, TBitmap, TMetafile, or TIcon.  Canvas objects can be used outside the Synchronize method by locking them."

Using a background thread to compute and display a Mandelbrot set, Delphi in a Nutshell, pp. 148-151.

Request Threads:  One Solution to Resource-sharing Problems, Delphi Informant, Jan. 2000.

Thread-Safe DLLs, Delphi Informant, Nov 1998

In Chapter 17 of  Mastering Delphi 5 (pp. 788-811), Marco Cantù explains "Multithreading in Delphi."

Chapter 11, "Writing Multithreaded Applications," Delphi 5 Developer's Guide (pp. 275-335) by Teixeria and Pacheco

Threads Simplified:  Untangling a Gnarly Topic, Delphi Informant, Dec 1997.

Threads Demo

A Thread-Safe Blocking Data Queue for Delphi

Threads and Graphics and Response
Per Dalgas Jakobsen's UseNet Post

Thread based timer component from UseNet Post by Carl Caulkett

Better Threads for the VCL

ThreadedTimer.  Timer component with a 1 millisecond real resolution.

Thread Synchronization: Critical Sections

Christo Crause's UseNet Post about setting thread priority

Sergey Tkachenko's UseNet Post discussing REALTIME_PRIORITY_CLASS)

Mike Williams' UseNet Reply about Thread and CPU Usage (and Sleep/SleepEx)

Threads in Games

User Interface / Human Factors (Non-Delphi)

Official Guidelines for User Interface Developers and Designers 

Interface Hall of Shame

Usability First:  Online guide to usability resources 

Making Medical Device Interfaces More User-Friendly.  Ten design tips to enhance user interfaces. 

Designing Medical Devices to Minimize Human Error 

FDA's Do It By Design:  An Introduction to Human Factors in Medical Devices 

The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two: Some Limits on Our Capacity for Processing Information. 

Version Control Free VCS
Windows 2000/NT No VCL after installation on "Administrator" and trying to use Delphi on another user?
Johannes Berg's UseNet Post with a Windows 2000 solution that worked for me
Windows 95/98 ARMiller's Windows 98 Web Sites

Windows 95 Annoyances

Windows 98 Annoyances

Undocumented Windows 95 

Windows API

Windows API Tutorials (non-Delphi)

Windows Versions API Calls:  GetVersion (obsolete) and GetVersionEx (new)

SysUtils:  Win32MajorVersion, Win32MinorVersion

XML XML Tutorial

XML/XSL/Xlink Software Tools 

Delphi Science Links

Bounce A fun graphic example that displays bouncing springs with gravity, friction, etc. by Ben Ziegler.
Also requires Ben's library:
Bouncing Ball 
CData Some fundamental chemistry related routines
CForm Chemical formulas.
ChemTxt Collection of components to display chemical formulae and equations.
Chem Package for Delphi
Collide A physics simulation of colliding spherical objects by Charles Hacker 
Flames Winners of Borland's "Flame" contest

Directory containing February "Flame" contest entries

Heat Graphically demonstrates how heat dissipates by Ben Ziegler.
Lightning Nelson Chu Siu Hang's "Ideas Behind My Lightning Effect"
A graphic demo program, showing molecules in 3D. It's a Delphi adaptation of a Java JDK1.0 demo applet.   This routine uses scanlines and imagelists.   Move selected molecules in 3D space by clicking and dragging on the image.  By Jean-Yves Quéinec.   MoleculesA.ZIP
Moon TMoon Component:  Shows phases of the moon.  

Simple component that shows the current phase of the Moon by Zeljko Pajkic.

Draw the Moon 

Radiation Decay by Charles Hacker
Roller Coaster Simulation 
Scientific Grapher 
Solar System Simulation
Sun Solar Position 
TChem... Package of components for Delphi represents an attempt to     make enchanced visualization of chemical formulas stored as  usual strings without formatting information. Auto subscripts  and case correction. Includes base class TChemString with  painting methods and following visual components: TChemLabel,   TChemEdit, TChemComboBox, TChemListBox, TDBChemLabel,TDBChemEdit,   TDBChemComboBox, TDBChemListBox, TQRChemText, TQRDBChemText.    Freeware for non-commercial use.
TFire Draws a flame blazing.
X-Ray Generates the X-Ray spectrum from medical diagnostic equipment (by Charles Hacker) 
Windchill A windchill calculator: 
Waves A physics simulation of wave properties (by Charles Hacker) 

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