Delphi Math Resources

Sources of Numerical Analysis Code in Pascal  

by Mark Vaughan 

ESB Consultancy
Developers of Mathematical
Statistical Software and Delphi Software

by Glenn Crouch 

Glenn's Math Corner 

See the Delphi Studio Companion CD for ESBPCS Free Subset for Delphi 7

TP Math

by  Jean DeBord

TP Math:  A mathematical library in Pascal for DOS (Turbo Pascal 5.0 or higher), Windows (Delphi 1.0 or higher), and Linux.  This library provides routines and programs for:

  • Mathematical functions (including trigonometric, hyperbolic, special, and some probability distributions).
  • Complex numbers and functions.
  • Vector and matrix operations (including dynamic array allocation).
  • Eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
  • Function minimization.
  • Fast Fourier Transform (FFT).
  • Statistical functions.
  • Random numbers.
  • Linear and nonlinear regression.

JEDI Code Library (JCL) 

  • Jcl8087
  • JclComplex by Alexei Koudinov
  • JclDateTime by Michael Schnell
  • JclLogic by Marcel van Brakel
  • JclMath  by Matthias Thoma
  • JclStatistics 

The authors above are the unit authors (when known).  Often other individuals authored routines in these units.

This is a new project to develop an OpenSource mathematical library for Delphi and potentially Kylix.

Mailing list: 

by Earl F. Glynn 

Pascal Maths Page

by Dr.  J. R. Stockton

by Hans Lohninger 

  • Fourier, a fast Fourier transform (FFT) component
  • Math1, a collection of basic math/statistics routines
  • Math2, a collection of advanced math/statistics routines
  • Matrix, for manipulating matrices
  • NTabEd, numerical table editor
  • NumIO, fail-safe input of formatted numbers
  • Statis, statistical functions, normal, t-, F-, and chi-square distribution

High Performance Delphi

by Robert Lee 

by Ing.Büro R.Tschaggelar 

by Ernie Deel 

by Fedor V.Kozhevnikov, Igor Pavluk, and Serge Korolev 

  Numerics for RAD

by Janez Makovsek and Marjan Slatinek 

Dew Research introduces, an object oriented library for Delphi Pascal. MtxVec is the first object oriented numerical library available for Delphi and CBuilder users. The library offers top performance not seen in competitive products and features the highest Performance/"Time to implement" ratio of any numerical software available today for personal computers.

Delphi Page

by Rente Schaaf 

TMathImage, TExpress, Surface Plot Collection, D3PlotProject

by Gary Darby

Scientific mathematics:  SIMD Introduction

by Dr. Chris Rorden, Department of Psychology, University of Nottingham

Understanding floating point values in a Delphi environment

by Guido Gybels

What Every Computer Scientist Should Know About Floating-Point Arithmetic

by David Goldberg 

A reprint of his article published in the March 1991 issue of ACM Computing Surveys
Not Delphi specific, but an invaluable resource)

GSL: GNU Scientific Library, 

Other Links


Delphi math articles "As the Crow Files:  Determining the Shortest Path through a Network" by Rod Stephens in December 1998, Delphi Informant, pp. 34-40,  File:  DI9812RS.ZIP

Random Thoughts -- A Look at Generating Random Numbers with Delphi
by Keith Wood, March 1997, Delphi Informant, pp. 62-72.

Delphi math components

Many math-related items can be found at the Delphi Super Page

Mathematics Components and Tools

Torry's site has a number of math-related components, but look for them under "Science".  After Torry's reorganization, and without a search engine, I just dropped all the broken links I had to Torry's site. 

Applied Analytic Systems' Components:  TDescStat, TDiscreteSim, TLPSolver, TMLRegress, TSLRegress.
TMLRegress Tutorial:

Delphi math libraries EZMath by Robert Bullock. Math processor assembly or Delphi versions of functions Tan, ArcCot, ArcTan2, and Log10. Delphi code for Cot, ArcSin, ArcCsc, ArcCos, ArcSec, Log, Power, EuclideanNorm

Help floating point math in Delphi. by Ray Lischner.  Floating point comparisons, rounding modes, NANs, Infinity. Floating Point Rounding: SetRoundMode. Floating point comparison functions. (Delphi 1, does not compile in Delphi 3).
  Select "Delphi components"

Delphi math links

Multiple Regression, Statistical Analysis, TzCalc

Delphi Math Routines

Numeric Programming / Math

FFT Combinazione di G_FFT e G_MATH:  Easy Math & Signal Processing Function Design. or (U.S.)
FPlot Visual component that plots math functions. Includes a quick parser, so formulas are put as strings in a component's property.  Very simple to use.  Full source code.
Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Intel Math Libraries Intel Math Kernel Library.  Intel introduced Version 5.0 of MKL in November 2000. 

Delphi interface unit for Version 5.0 MKL by Nick Lea.  

Intel Signal Processing Library 

Intel Signal Processing Library V4.1 Delphi interface patch and examples

NAG_small.gif (1754 bytes)
Calling NAG (Numerical Algorithms Group) DLLs from Delphi

G02EEF Example Program Code in Delphi 2.0

Simulation Delsi.  Discrete-event simulation system implemented as a set of components for Delphi 3.  The system is intended for simulation of queuing systems with a complicated logic.  In combination with Delphi, Delsi gives you very flexible and powerful framework for creation of a wide variety of simulation models, implemented as end products for MS Windows95/NT.
Tips "Math Section" of the Unofficial Delphi Developers FAQ
by the Graphical Gnome. Huge Numbers, Number to String, Math Formula evaluator.

Turbo Pascal

Borland Pascal 7.0 Runtime Library Replacement Optimized assembly routines for TP 7.0.
Home of the Hammster Math routines, plot routines, 3D viewing.
Number Crunching Page
Numerical Recipes Pascal shareware version.
PASCAL-XSC PASCAL for Extended Scientific Computing
Scientific Subroutine Library for Turbo Pascal 
Stat Unit (Turbo Pascal) and other statistical programs (The Institute of Mathematical Statistics, University of Copenhagen).
SWAG Math SWAG (Software Archive Group):  134 math examples   (requires Reader)

Numbers SWAG:  89 examples

Turbo Pascal Numerical Methods ToolBox 
Turbo Pascal Programmers Page In Numeric Programming: Fast fourier transforms, large number calculator, mathematical unit, simplex method, mathematical parser, complex numbers, function evaluator, theorem prover for predicate calculus.


Numerical Recipes Online PDF files 


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