Delphi Math Functions

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Also see efg's Mathematics Projects Page and Mathematics Reference Library.

math-related constants (pi, e, logarithm constants, ...),
computer-related constants (MinDouble, MaxDouble. ...)
f(x) = cos(2x + 3) General Math Functions
arithmetic functions (ceil, floor, hypot, muldiv, poly, round, trunc, ...),
logarithm/exponential functions (ln, log, log2, exp, power, ...),
trigonometric functions (sin, cos, tan, arcsin, arccos, arctan, atan2, ...)
conversions and formatting (FloatToStr, IntToStr, Format, Trim, ...),
financial functions (NetPresentValue, Payment, SLNDepreciation, ...),
sorting, discrete math (quicksort, insertion sort, equivalence classes, ...),
miscellaneous (IsNaN, Get/Set87ControlWord, GetRoundMode, ...)
Engineering Mathematics
hyperbolic functions (sinh, cosh, tanh, inverse functions, ...),
special functions (bessel functions, beta, gamma, erf, ...),
complex math and functions,
linear algebra, matrices, eigenvalues, eigenvectors,
digital signal processing, fourier transforms, FFTs
ordinary and partial differential equations
Numerical Methods
interpolation, extrapolation,
numerical integration/derivatives,
polynomials, functional evaluation, Chebyshev approximation,
optimization (simplex, powell, ...),
root finding, non-linear equations
Statistics and Probability
statistics (min, max, sum, mean, stddev, skew, kurtosis, ...),
probability (binomial, pnorm, randg, factorial, Stirling, ...)
curve fitting, regression, least squares, data modeling
Secret Message Cryptography and Multiple-Precision Arithmetic
((A + B) * (C + D)) Parsers and Mathematical Expression Evaluators
Notes: 1. Definitions for all Delphi Math unit functions are listed for quick reference.
2. Many of the functions listed here are Pascal functions,
which should be easily translated to Delphi.
3. Additional links can be found on many of the pages.

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