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Delphi Graphics


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What's in a TColor value?
  2. Why is the Canvas.Pixels[i,j] property so slow?  How can I use Scanline?
  3. How can I print a TBitmap on a variety of Windows printers?   (Also see Printer Demo #1)
  4. How can I clear a TImage?  
  5. How can I clear a Canvas?
  6. How can I convert from graphics format X to graphics format Y?
  7. Why is double buffering important?
  8. How can I display a rotated font?  How can I print a rotated font?
  9. How can I rotate a bitmap?
  10. How can I use OpenGL? DirectX?
  11. How can I prevent flickering?
  12. How can I display a true color BMP in 256-color mode?
  13. How do I create a palette?
  14. How can I make a gradient palette?
  15. What is a "mask"? How can I use one?
  16. What are suggestions to optimize graphics operations for speed?
  17. What is the fastest way to update the screen?  Using Direct-X
  18. How can I create an AVI file from a series of BMP files? 
    See Rob Anderson's AVIBUILD (D3, non-pf24bit BMPs).

Tutorial (Auf Deutsch -- in German)
Grafikprogrammierung mit Delphi 

GDI+ for Delphi 5/6

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