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2D/3D   TPantograph class in efg's 2D/3D vector graphics examples:
Pascal code for many of the algorithms from Foley and Van Dam.
3Dfx   Delphi Graphics Homepage:
Dictionary Non-Delphi Edinburgh Online Graphics Dictionary
DirectX General

JEDI Graphix 

JEDI-DirectXExamples mail list discusses conversion of all DirectX 8 SDK Examples to Delphi. This list will be used to discuss conversion issues with regards to converting the aforementioned examples. The plan is to have both API and VCL examples done. 

Hori's Home Page, 
Hori's components encapsulate the DirectX functionality and can be used from the Delphi component palette. 

Inside DelphiX is in Japanese.  The book was published in December 1999 and is very popular with those using DelphiX in Japan.

What is DirectX? DirectX is a high-performance, multimedia COM-based component library (with APIs) published by Microsoft. DirectDraw, Direct3D, DirectSound, and DirectPlay are used by many game developers to develop Windows games.

DirectX, which is synonymous with the Windows 95 Games SDK, can be broken into five groupings: DirectDraw, DirectSound, DirectPlay, DirectInput, DirectSetup

DirectX8 Delphi Demo 

ProjectJediButton.gif (3350 bytes)  Delphi Graphics Site
Erik Unger's units are a translation of the original C/C++ header files from Microsoft.   You can use them the same way you use the original headers with C/C++.  Just copy the files into a source directory and use them.  See Microsoft's DirectX Helpfile for more information about DirectX Programming. 

DirectX 8.0 headers

SysImage:  DirectX8 Delphi D3D Sprite Demo 

From Here to Delfinity (DelphiX Tutorial)

DirectX Wrappers.  Project JEDI Convert Tool by Joshua Munnik 

DelphiX v02.2000

DelphiX Tutorial,1410,10501,00.html

Delphi and Direct3D,1410,10509,00.html

DirectX in Delphi 5 (by Charlie Calvert),1410,10365,00.html

Simple tutorial,1410,10502,00.html

DirectX Components/Headers for Delphi

What is the fastest way to update the screen?
"You can use DirectDraw in window-mode to get fast access to a window or fullscreen mode to get the whole screen.  Window mode will give you about 25 frames/second in 640x480 on a P90 -- fullscreen might be even 50 fps and more.  A P166 can even do 1024x768 in >30 fps fullscreen."  Contributed by Peter Elzner from Fern Universitaet Hagen.

Delphi Games Programming (mostly in DirectX)

DirectDraw in Chapter 32, "Games SDK," in Delphi 2 Unleashed by Charles Calvert, pp. 1134-1161.

DirectX3 Pour DELPHI 32bits

The Ultimate Resource for DirectX Development and Windows 95/98 Game Programming

DelphiX Tutorial

DirectX 6 Header for Delphi3.x

Delphi Graphics Homepage:

Delphi Programming with DirectX Examples 

Delphi Super Page:

Examples Wayne Sherman's DirectShow media streaming example application.  Tested with Win98 using Erik Ungers DirectX6.1 translation and Hori's DirectX5 media translation (DShow.pas).    (updated to work with NT4).  DShwExml.ZIP

Resource for game programming focusing on news, components, source code and articles relating to Delphi, C++ Builder, and JBuilder 

Delphi Games Programming Links

Delphi Games Programming (mostly in DirectX)

Genisis 3D for Delphi  

Genesis3D is a software development kit (SDK) which allows you to build high performance 3D graphics applications such as games. Included in the SDK are tools for building content for your application, binaries for building the applications themselves, example code for using the SDK, and documentation.

The engine is designed primarily to render indoor scenes with moderate polygon count at very high performance. It can be used to build reasonably detailed and extensive outdoor scenes provided that care is taken to build those scenes correctly. The engine has support for fast collision detection, and precalculated lighting and visibility testing.

Graphics Unit
Links   Graphics (many good links)

Delphi Companion: Graphics


Links Page

Newsgroups Delphi
OpenGL general info Delphi OpenGL Community (auf Deutsch) 

OpenGL with Delphi,1410,26401,00.html 

Working with OpenGL in Delphi
This article answers "What do I need to write programs for OpenGL with Delphi"? 

GLScene:  OpenGL Solution for Delphi 

Real Time 3D.  Ian Ringrose and Joseph Steel describe the development of a real time animated 3D graphics system in Delphi using OpenGL, with textures, transparency and fog effects. They even created a custom component along the way to make life simpler.  Delphi Magazine, Issue 34, June 1998.

OpenGL interface unit for the use of OpenGL with Delphi (also known as Delphi OpenGL binding) and contains the translations of gl.h, glu.h as well as some support functions. Additionally, OpenGL12.pas contains bug fixes and enhancements of Delphi's and other translations as well as support for extensions.

GLScene, the OpenGL solution for Delphi

VisIt.  Components for 3D Graphics with Delphi and C++Builder.  Collection of flexible components for 3D graphics and animation based on the OpenGL standard. 

Delphi Graphics Homepage:

From a Peter Below UseNet post:  "This is a known problem with applications that use the OpenGL framework, for example.  OpenGL in Win9x has some bugs that cause floating point errors. The FPU error mask used by Microsoft compilers hides these errors, the one used by Borland compilers (which is different) unmasks the errors. I have seen a fix to this problem published in The Delphi Magazine."  ...  "Download the companion disk for issue #32, it should have the code for the article by Warren Kovach."   Delphi Magazine Issue 32 Free Disk.
(After unzipping, look for myhook.pas in the hooks directory) 

Danny Thorpe in Delphi-JEDI Digest Number 72: 
"The Microsoft OpenGL.DLL still requires that FPU exceptions be disabled before making OpenGL calls."

Examples of the OpenGL(r) 1.2 Programming Guide, Third Edition: The Official Guide to Learning OpenGL, Version 1.2. They will all be written using Builder 4.0

OpenGL programming with Delphi (including GLUT units)

OpenGL for Delphi:
OpenGL with Delphi:

Delphi Interface Units for OpenGL 1.1

OpenGL programming with Delphi

OpenGL.PAS. Interface unit to 3D OpenGL Library. Delphi Super Page:

OpenGL Screensaver for Delphi

OpenGL Tutorial for Delphi


TechnoMagi:   Algorithm Links

Optimization Non-Delphi Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book:
Chapter 7, "Local Optimization,"
Chapter 21, "Unleashing the Pentium's V-pipe,"
Chapter 63, "Floating-Point for Real-Time 3D,"
Turbo Pascal BGI compatibility   This unit contains the graph.tpu-commands of TurboPascal 7.0.   Use to convert old Pascal program with graphic-commands  like SetColor, PutPixel, Rectangle etc.

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