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Delphi Graphics

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Category Description/Comments
general Software graphic libraries and tools (by Alex Denisov) 


TBarCode -- A Custom Bar Code Component
by David Faulkner, Delphi Informant, Jan 97, pp. 69-74.

Bitmaps TArrayBitmap.  Provides high speed access to 24 bit bitmap pixels which is ideal for multimedia applications with graphic effects.
Buttons TsiFlatBtn.  Flat SpeedButton elliptic form and custom colors for 3D effects.
Cartography See Maps on efg's Delphi Graphics Algorithms page
Charts and Graphs Fast scientific and engineering plotting, storage and analysis of data

Wingraph pack is intended for doing simple graphics,making math-oriented programs, learning Object Pascal in Delphi. It consists of several units, but basically you use just one of them. It allows you to build relatively small applications (22-25 kb) in Delphi effortlessly.

Simple multi graph plotting

Torry's Charts & Graphs Component List

TeeChart:  Charting and graphing library for Borland compilers (Delphi and C++ Builder) and for ActiveX-aware environments (Visual Basic, Internet Explorer, Visual C++, Visual FoxPro, Access, VBA Office, etc)

In D3 or later, see Borland TeeChart Demo example:
..\Delphi n\Demos\Demos\TEECHART\TeeDemo.DPR

Pie Chart
Plot chart of mathematical functions

Scientific chart component

ScGraph. Component for scientific/technical graphing of  x/y-data.

Display for one-dimensional digital signals (e.g., audio signals) providing quasi-stepless zooming capability. It could just as well be used to plot the progress of stock prices.

TLogGraph.  Suitable for showing time-series values, for example watching bytes received per second, CPU usage etc.

TMathImage, Surface Plot Collection

TXYGraph.  Works with all versions of Delphi and CBuilder.  No limit to number of points or series.  Second Y Axis. Series can be attached to either axis.   Functions can be plotted on the graph.  Annotations can be added to the graph.   TxyGraph includes it's own printing routines.

TMathCurve, TMathGrid.  Components help to display such objects as curves, lines, graphs, etc. TIntEdit and TFloatEdit components allow to edit integer and floating-point values.

XYPlot & data series componets for 2D plot. Custom series, flicker free,  pan,  zoom ...Help file and demo are included.

Rot3D. Display 3D data that can be rotated on-screen.

TGraphZ_FXY. Takes a formula string for f(x,y) and graphs z=f(x,y) on a TMathImage. A TImage descendant which allows drawing in world coordinates. Both 2-D and 3-D graphs are supported. Surfaces can be drawn filled with hidden invisible parts.

Alfred ten Hoeve's UseNet Post with TeeChart sample code

efg's Surface3D Lab Report

Commercial Products ImageLib by Skyline Tools: ImageLib is a professional software development tool that allows a programmer to incorporate BMP, CMS, GIF, ICO, JPG, PCX, PNG, SCM, TIFF, TIFF CCITT 3 and 4, Multipage TIFF, Packbits, LZW, (most flavors), DXF, PCD, TGA, EPS, WMF and other image formats into applications. In addition, AVI, MOV, MID, WAV, and RMI multimedia formats are supported. These image and multimedia formats can be implemented to/from a file or database BLOB field.
Cool Controls CoolControls contains more than 30 separate classes, including rounded and transparent forms. TRANSPARENCY and  WALLPAPERS for ALL controls Single glyph or imagelist for   listboxes and comboboxes, buttons of various shapes, flat   borders, 3D look for captions and items, multiline string grids with custom colors and fonts for each cell, scrolling text.
Cool Menus Enhance your menus with:   any picture, font, wallpaper, cursor; cool vertical bar with  text (gradient or not, left or right aligned, with or without  wallpaper); bevels for menu items (for whole item/image  only/text part only, rectangular or rounded); 3D menu items and captions; custom main menu bar; angled images and captions of  the menu items; instant hints for menu items.
Diagrams Diagram Components for Delphi
From DSP:
DirectX See Resources page.

CoolForm is a component for Delphi 3 that lets you create the weirdest shapes of your windows.

Odd Form Assistant

TFormSizeSave save and restore the Position and/or Size and  Windowstate of any Form in the Registry


Avrora Card Gaming Components are an advanced set of components  to build card games with little porgramming effort. The package  includes 6 components: TESCardGroup, TESCardDeck, TESCardTable,   TESDecksDialog, TESScoreDialog, TESSimpleSprite. 2 fully  functional games and 2 demo projects are also included.



Delphi Pages

Graphics Components

Delphi Pages

Hot Spots THotImage component allows creation of "hot spots," i.e., active areas on an image.
Delphi Super Page:

THotSpot.   Simple transparent hotspot that can be put on any control

THyperImages is an imaging component allowing you to manage an unlimited number of irregular shaped hotspots on multiple images. A visual Editor lets you draw the hotspots and an expert creates the mouse event handler  template for  you .

Image Processing See Section C of  Delphi Graphics Algorithms page

CirclImage.  Circular TImage

TTileImage.  Same as TImage but in this component the picture can be automatically tiled.

Instrumentation Iocomp Virtual Instrumentation Components VCL for Automation.  Complete suite of real-time instrumentation display components for instrumentation applications and automation programming. Includes a collection 41 components: Real-Time 2GB per channel high-speed Strip Chart, switches, logarithmic gauges, pie chart, percent bar, 7 Segment Displays, LEDs, SMPTE indicator, timer (9 independent), panel, compass, bitmap rotation, and object canvas control. Full Pascal source included in registered version and are Royalty Free. 

High quality photorealistic aircraft instruments 

Labels 3D Label
OpenGL See Resources page.
Thumbnails TThumbNail, TThumbView.  TThumbNail is a component to handle any image as a  thumbnail it can only opens emf, wmf, bmp, jpg file types.  TThumbview is a component that displays all the components  in a directory as thumbnails.
TMoon Component shows phases of the moon.  
TPantograph 2D/3D vector graphics, including translation, rotation, view transform, homogeneous coordinates, clipping, projections. Sample programs include Football, Sphere In Cube, Sphere In Cube Movie, Surface 3D, and Three-D Lab.
TPictureClip Use TPictureClip custom component to extract portions of a matrix of pictures and assign the "cell picture" to another picture control.
TRadioControl A radio control represents a position along a continuum using a turn dial and, optionally, tick marks. A radio control can also display a selected range marked by triangular ticks at the starting and ending positions of the selection. 
Turtle Graphics TfxTurtle.  'Turtle Graphics' component, as found in the 'LOGO' programming language. Graphics are drawn usings simple commands (Forward, Left, Right).

The original "Turtle" used in Logo was a robotic turtle, that moved around on a piece of paper, drawing a line with a pen. Soon the Turtle migrated to the computer graphics screen where it is used to draw shapes, designs, and pictures

TWAIN The "TWAIN Toolkit for Delphi" provides an easy way for implementing the TWAIN standard into your Delphi application. By using the VCL components included in this toolkit, you will have TWAIN implemented into your application in just a few minutes. 
ZieglerCollection One Some of the components in this collection:
TzAngleLabel: TLabel, that with caption in any angle.
TzBitmap: Bitmap, with a lot of extras.
TzAnimated: TzBitmap descendant, can play cartoons.
TzGauge: Show progress in any operation.
TzPanelMeter: Display values in Panel meters.
TzKnob: Looks and works like a dial (knob) on a stereo.
TzcPeakOmeter: Like a meter on your stereo.
TzcLightOnOff: Works/looks like a normal lightswicth.
TzcHairLine: Draw a line on a form
TzcArrowHead: Put arrows on lines on a form.
TzcAnalogClock: An analog clock.
TzcDinMeter: A panel-meter, that emulates a standard din-meter.
TzcSpectrum: Show a lot of data in an easy to read way.


Program Description/Comments
Adding Graphics to Console Applications Michael A. Covington, June/July 1997 Visual Developer, pp. 72-79.
BlockCAD Program for building with Lego-like blocks on the computer. 
Bmp2Rgn sample functions to convert BMP to Windows region (comments in Polish). Delphi Super Page:
CAD Applications

CADSys 4 is a complete vectorial graphic library for Delphi 3/4.  Create complex and beautiful CAD-like  interfaces to your application with the power of OOP and a  native library for Delphi.  

Cluster Ben Ziegler demonstrates graphically a simple and easy clustering algorithm. Great example.
Delphi Graphics Programming By Peter Dove and Don Peer in Delphi Informant:
Part I, Jan 97: "A New Spin on Delphi" (pp. 18-32)
Part II, Feb 97: "The World Is Flat" (pp. 48-56)
Part III, Mar 97: "Texture Mapping" (pp. 74-82)
Part IV, Apr 97, "Getting DIBs on Speed" (pp. 45-56)
Part V, July 97, "Optimizing Graphics" (pp. 66-70)
Games Backgammon in Delphi by Michael J. Mefford in PC Magazine

Checkers in Delphi by Michael J. Mefford in PC Magazine

Delphi Games Programming

LogoMania by Neil Rubenking in PC Magazine
Resource Grabber The Resource-Grabber will scan the directories and drives on your computer and extract all Bitmaps, Glyphs (button images), Icons, Cursors, JPG/JPEG images, WAVE and RMI sound files as well as AVI video clips it finds inside the programs and DLL files in any directory of your choice.
Science/Engineering Examples Bounce.  A fun graphic example that displays bouncing springs with gravity, friction, etc. by Ben Ziegler.
Also requires Ben's library:

Heat. Graphically demonstrates how heat dissipates by Ben Ziegler.

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