Yes, you answer helped a lot. However I "sort of" found a answer to my problem by trying a few things.
For the textout routine, I changed it to this:
 PROCEDURE TPantoGraph.TextOut (CONST v:  TVector; CONST Text:  STRING);
     i,j:  INTEGER;
    WorldToPixel (v, i,j);
    Canvas.TextOut (i, jMax - j - Canvas.TextHeight(Text), Text);
 END {OutText};
PROCEDURE TPantoGraph.TextOut (CONST v:  TVector; CONST Text:  STRING);
   i,j:  INTEGER;
   u  :  TVector;
    u := v;
    IF   positioning = positionRelative   // Adjustment for relative positioning
      u := AddVectors(uSaveW, u);
      uSaveW := u
    u := ToCartesian (coordinate,u);
    VectorTransform (u,uSaveX);
    WorldToPixel (uSaveX, i,j);
    IF   ClipFlag
      IF   (i >= iWest) AND (i <= iEast) AND (j >= jSouth) AND (j <= jNorth)
      THEN  Canvas.TextOut (i, jMax - j - Canvas.TextHeight(Text), Text);
    ELSE  Canvas.TextOut (i, jMax - j - Canvas.TextHeight(Text), Text);
 END {OutText};
This doesnt draw "rotatable" 3D text, but it does place text in 3D space on the screen, good enough for me now.
I am going to check out the Hershey font routines too, looks interesting.
Thanks Earl;
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Many of the vector routines in TPantograph were written before Windows existed along with the Windows API calls such as TextOut.  What I'm trying to say is that TPantograph doesn't know anything about TextOut and doesn't attempt to do 2D/3D operations on TextOut.  The TPantograph writes on a Canvas, and TextOut can write on a canvas, but there's no connection at all.
To work with text with TPantograph, you need to create your own "stroke" fonts that draw each character as a set of 2D or 3D vectors.  The only example of this with TPantograph is the football field example:
You can find some stroke font characters here:
Sorry that this doesn't directly answer your question, but I hope this helps.
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I seem to be having trouble with using the "TextOut" routine. It doesn't display the text at the location, 3d via Vector3D(), that I specify. It always appears at the same place, never rotates with everything else.
Could you please provide me with a small code snippet to correctly use "TextOut"?
I want to 'attach' text to specific 3D points & rotate the text with the 3D points.
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